Winter. It’s cold, it’s dark, and this year we couldn’t even get together for a knees-up on the Solstice because of lock-downs.

My dad tested positive for COVID-19 on 27th December, and in the course of caring for him, I went down with it too. Losing your sense of taste and smell at a time of year when one of the greatest joys in the complete lack of judgement around food makes the winter blues wash out to navy. It has been hard to be happy some of these days.

I decided I needed a new hobby to take my mind off things and that’s when I decided to start filming some of my processes and actually make videos; something I’d been talking about for years but always put off for a number of reasons. I thought I needed a better phone/camera, a better laptop for editing, fancy software, a quality microphone. Turns out all I really needed was a little phone tripod and I was ready to start making!

You can find my YouTube channel here. Subscribers are appreciated!

My channel, at time of posting this, is a mix of my projects, specifically gardening and sewing. It’s as much a diary for me (vlog… I hate that word) as it is a collection of tutorials sharing my experience and skills. I don’t expect it to really go anywhere, but I hope I can connect with people and grow my skills making videos!

See you there!

[imagine description: the author, Ru Raynor, holding a bouquet of flowers]