Life and work of Ru Raynor


The Birth of Ru-tube

Winter. It’s cold, it’s dark, and this year we couldn’t even get together for a knees-up on the Solstice because of lock-downs. My dad tested positive for COVID-19 on 27th December, and in the course of caring for him, I […]

The Lobster in Lipstick

We interrupt this usual travel blog for a detailed retelling of an anxiety attack. Lobsters, to oversimplify things, do not age. Thanks to the ability to constantly produce telemerase, a substance that caps chromosomes and allows cells to divide without […]

Large Pots and Long Walks

On Saturday, I slept late. My whole body ached, right through; my sleep disturbed by a Rubenesque German with sleep apnoea snoring three bunks over, and my throat still constricted and tight. I didn’t know if it was the sleep […]